Are critters feasting on your orchard or garden?

We have the answer!


About Barron's Ward-Off

With Us the Grass is Greener

Itʼs been tried and proven that human hair is a
deterrent to deer and other critters that
would love to come dine on your fruit.

By simply hanging 4-6 bags of Barron’s Ward-Off

in your trees, you will save your fruit.


You can also sprinkle some around the base of your trees and in your garden to ward-off
those pesky rabbits, skunks and varmints.


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"For years I’ve been frustrated by raccoons wiping out  my beautiful crop of Muscat grapes before they were fully ripened in the Fall. The fruit is trellised highabove the ground, tightly wrapped with a double layer of bird netting and still the raccoons would tear it up and eat every grape, until I started  using “Barron’s Ward Off”. To my amazement, hanging the bags of hair below the grape clusters was 100% effective at deterring the raccoons and allowing me to let the grapes ripen as long as I chose. Works beautifully on berry vines too!"

Bryan Wilson

Cuckoo's Nest Cellar